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VoiceXML Adventure Game


I hope this column has provided a bit of nostalgia for some of you who grew up playing paper and computer adventure games like D&D, Battletech, Adventure, Zork, Leisure Suit Larry, Loom, and Space Quest. Alas, the era of adventure games seems to have passed. No longer are games with extensive plots that really draw users into an alternate universe. Games like BloodNet and Ultima brought a short resurgence, but I'm afraid we may not see another for a while. Shootemups like Quake and Half Life have all but replaced the adventure games.

What's even more depressing is seeing some of the great gaming companies like FASA, Micropose, Spectrum Holobyte, and Infocom go out of business or get bought out by larger companies who really don't care too much about making great games.

Well, that's ok, because in Part III, we're going to develop our own text adventure platform in an XML format that will work with HTML, WAP, and VoiceXML. We'll let our nostalgia run its course and then perhaps we'll look at utilizing this technology for something truly useful. But right now, it's time to play. We'll see you in Part III. Until then, I'm going to go back through those sweet memories of yesteryear.

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