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PerlHoo, Part II | 7

PerlHoo, Part II

Managing the Directory Content

Reviewing New Sites

Once users start submitting new sites to PerlHoo for inclusion, you will probably want to periodically review the new entries for inclusion in the directory. To do this, start at the top level PerlHoo directory, defined in $rootdir (Line 32), and look in each subsequent subdirectory for the file defined in $new_datafile (Line 34). The records in the $new_datafile file is in the same order as the form: This is the same data and order as the perlhoo.csv data format, except for the contact name and email which is tacked onto the end of the record.

Updating the Directory

If you find a new site that you want to add to the directory, you will currently have to move it to the $datafile file by hand. You can use your favorite text editor or spreadsheet to do this. Boy, that sure does sound tedious doesn't it? I agree. In PerlHoo, Part III, we will build a simple admin interface which will make this process much easier.

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