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Any expert ASP Programmer will notice immediately that I did not put error checking in this code. This was excluded to make the code clearer and easier to understand. Error checking should be placed around any of the System Objects. Most of the errors will be corrupt files or directories, thus you return an error to the user stating that you cannot open/read that particular file or directory. So now, you know how to build a Yahoo like directory in PERL and ASP. Both work the same, and most of the code is alike, the difference being between PERL CGI and ASP VBScript. Version III will add the automated admin utility so that criteria 5 will be completely met. If you are wondering, the total coding time was less than 4 hours.

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This script implements a simple Yahoo-like Web directory using an ASP VBscript program. It's a nice alternative for those of you who have to work for the evil empire. Beyond a few minor differences in sytax, it effectively duplicates PerlHoo in every way.


Written by Laurence Gold
Produced by Jonathan Eisenzopf and
Created: June 16, 1999
Revised: June 16, 1999

URL: http://www.webreference.com/perl/tutorial/4/