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PerlHoo, Part III | 5

PerlHoo, Part III


So now we have a tool that makes PerlHoo manageable, however, there are drawbacks to the solution. While using file system directories and files reduced the complexity in the beginning and made it easier to manage by hand, we paid for it when it came time to write the application to manage all of those files. Another drawback of the solution is that there's no way to order the entries in each category other than editing the order by hand. Of course, these shortcomings can be handled by adding features later.

As I mentioned before, I plan on continuing to maintain PerlHoo at a dedicated site, so stay tuned for additional details. If you're interested in contributing to the project or would like to make recommendations for new features, please send me some feedback. View source | Try it
This scripts allows one to maintain a PerlHoo directory from the Web.

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Created: July 1, 1999
Revised: July 2, 1999