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Using RSS News Feeds | 2

Using RSS News Feeds

RSS 0.9

The first public version of RSS, 0.9, includes basic headline information. Below is an example RSS file for, a popular news site for Linux software:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<description>the one-stop-shop for all your Linux softwar needs</description>
<title>Geheimnis 0.59</title>
<title>Firewall Manager 1.3 PRO</title>
<title>quick finder</title>
<description>Use the text input below to search the fresh
meat application database</description>

The first major element is channel which contains the following elements:

An RSS channel may also contain an image element as in the example above which contains the following elements:

The item element contains the real channel content which is comprised of a title and a link element. An RSS file may contain up to 15 items.

An RSS 0.9 file may alternatively contain a textinput element which allows users to type a string into a HTML text input field and submit it via the HTTP GET method to the URL specified in the link element.

Next, we will examine RSS 0.91 which was released by Netscape in July of 1999.

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