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Mother of Perl | 9

Xhoo is a collaborative project whose goal is to create Open Source Web Catalog software for various platforms and languages that can selectively import data from the Open Directory Project. This project is currently being supported by Early releases are currently available for Perl, ASP, and PHP. There are several related articles that appeared at Mother of Perl that you may want to take a look at.

PerlHoo | Download
PerlHoo uses comma delimited files and filesystem directories to store the Web catalog.
PerlHoo currently is made up of 2 CGI scripts:
  • - Perl script to display catalog
  • - Used to administer the catalog
Related Articles: PerlHoo was written by Jonathan Eisenzopf.

Yahasp | Download
Yahasp is very similar to PerlHoo. The main difference, of course, is that it was written as an ASP script.

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Yahasp was written by Lawrence Gold.

phpHoo | Download
phpHoo uses MySQL to store the catalog instead of filesystem directories and comma delimited files. PerlHoo and Yahasp will probably move to this model in future versions.

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phpHoo was written by CDI.

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