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Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Package / Page 2


Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Package [con't]

The PHP I18N Libraries

PHP comes with a set of PEARs that support internationalization from several different angles and levels of complexity. PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository, which is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. The package is named using the abbreviation for Internationalization that we saw above. The I18N library comes with the following class trees:

Root class I18N_Common
Root class I18N_Format

The following section covers each class in more detail.


The I18N_Country class has a couple of functions to help determine the country name from a country code:

  • void getName([: $code = '']): Returns the name of the country using the country code passed by the string argument $code.
  • void isValidCode(mixed $code): Check whether the country code passed by the $code argument is valid.

Here's a simple example that shows how to use the above methods. The following code accepts a two letter country code from the user and prints the country name for a valid code:


The I18N_Language class also implements the getName() method:

  • void getName([: $code = ''], : 1)

It returns the name of the language using the language code passed by the string argument $code. The 1 parameter represents the string language code.

Here's a simple script that uses the I18N_Language class to display an HTML-formatted list of several languages:

The above code produces the following in a browser:

Language codes

  • en: English
  • fr: French
  • es: Spanish
  • af: Afrikaans
  • da: Danish
  • de: German

That brings us to the end of part 1. In the next installment, we'll conclude our look at PHP I18N package and move on to our next language.

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Original: December 7, 2009