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Globalize your Web Applications: Working with Dates in PHP / Page 2


Globalize your Web Applications: Working with Dates in PHP [con't]

The I18N_DateTime class specializes in the formatting of dates and times in a meaningful way to the end-user. Its main functions are:

  • string format([int $timestamp = null], [int $format = null]): Returns the formatted timestamp according to the specified format ($format). The $format argument takes one of these constants:
  • string formatFull([int $timestamp = null]): Returns a fully-formatted timestamp (equivalent to: format($timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_FULL).
  • string formatLong([int $timestamp = null]): Returns a long-formatted timestamp (equivalent to: format($timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_LONG).
  • string formatShort([int $timestamp = null]): Returns a short-formatted timestamp (equivalent to: format($timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_SHORT).
  • string formatDate([int $timestamp = null], [int $format = null]): Returns only the formatted date. If the $format argument is missing the method uses the default format for the current locale.

It also contains some additional convenience methods. They are:

  • formatDateFull: Same as formatDate( $timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_FULL ).
  • formatDateLong: Same as formatDate( $timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_LONG ).
  • formatDateMedium: Same as formatDate( $timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_MEDIUM ).
  • formatDateShort: Same as formatDate( $timestamp , I18N_DATETIME_SHORT ).

Here are some examples that demonstrate the above functions:

We'll be concluding PHP date formatting in the next installment by examining time-related functions and custom date formatting.

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