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Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Formatting Classes / Page 2


Globalize your Web Applications: PHP's Locale Formatting Classes [con't]

The NumberFormatter Class

The I18N classes are not the only option for displaying locale-specific numbers. The native NumberFormatter class accepts a locale name as its first constructor argument. Here are the constructor details:

  • NumberFormatter( string $locale , int $style [, string $pattern ] ): The $locale parameter is the locale name (e.g. en_CA) in which the number would be formatted . The $style of the formatting must be one of the format style constants. If PATTERN_DECIMAL or PATTERN_RULEBASED is passed then the number format is opened using the given pattern, which must conform to the syntax outlined by the ICU DecimalFormat or ICU RuleBasedNumberFormat conventions, respectively. The optional $pattern argument can be supplied in instances where the desired style requires a pattern.

Like the I18N classes, the NumberFormatter displays numbers via a versatile format() function:

  • string format ( number $value [, int $type ] ): Formats a numeric value according to the formatter rules.

Its parameters include:

  • fmt: NumberFormatter object.
  • value: The value to format. Can be integer or double, other values will be converted to a numeric value.
  • type: The formatting type integer constant to use. These include:

    • TYPE_DEFAULT: Derive the type from variable type.
    • TYPE_INT32: Format as 32-bit integer.
    • TYPE_INT64: Format as 64-bit integer.
    • TYPE_DOUBLE: Format as floating point value.
    • TYPE_CURRENCY: Format as currency value.

The following example creates new NumberFormatters for the locales of Germany and Italy. The first one calls the intl_is_failure() function with the results of getErrorCode() to test for an error. The intl_is_failure() function, which is one of several International functions, returns true if an error occurred and false otherwise. Although it is not shown in the example, it is also possible to retrieve the error message using the intl_get_error_message() function:

The last type constant above of TYPE_CURRENCY can be used in conjunction with the formatCurrency() function to display monetary values for a specific locale.

  • string formatCurrency ( float $value , string $currency ): Formats a currency value according to the formatter rules. Returns a string representing the formatted currency value.

Its parameters are:

  • fmt: The NumberFormatter object.
  • value: The numeric currency value.
  • currency: The 3-letter ISO 4217 currency code indicating the currency to use.

Here's an example to illustrate:

If you're ever uncertain about what which code to use for a specific locale, you can look it up on the IBM site's excellent reference page..

That concludes our look at locale support in PHP. Next on our list is Java, the grand-daddy of Internet languages! It has a rich assortment of locale formatting classes and utility methods.

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