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Most people think of ActiveX as a separate development language that allows for the creation of applet-like applications that can be downloaded and run within Microsoft's Web browser. While ActiveX controls can indeed be run within Internet Explorer, and such controls are perhaps the most common and popular use of the technology, "ActiveX" itself represents not a specific development language, but rather a larger collection of resource sharing and communication technologies based in MS OLE and COM. ActiveX controls can, therefore, actually be written in multiple languages/IDEs; including C++, VB, and Delphi.


The ABCs of MFC ActiveX Controls
Solid tutorial from the Microsoft Developer's Network on making ActiveX controls.
ActiveX Controls
Not a single article, but a collection of developer related tutorials from MSDN, including an overall intorduction to the topic.
Security Tradeoffs: Java vs. ActiveX
Though dated, this 1997 paper from from the Princeton Secure Internet Programming Team offers a good overview of the security risks inherent in these two key browser-application technologies.


Microsoft's ActiveX Controls site
Go to the source for ActiveX information, news, resources, and developer information. Part of a larger sub-section of the Microsoft devoted to all things COM. See also Microsoft's Internet Explorer Components Gallery.
Tom's ActiveX Control and ATL FAQs
Links to Frequently Asked Questions about ActiveX and ATL, as well as ActiveX Control and ATL listserv archives. From WidgetWare.
ActiveX - The Unofficial Guide
Tutorials, tools, articles, links, and examples of ActiveX.
Mozilla ActiveX Project
Headed by Adam Lock. This offshoot from the popular Mozilla development project has developed an ActiveX control that encapsulates the Gecko layout engine.
CodeGuru: ActiveX Programming
Components and articles submitted by user/developers. Includes reader submitted comments with each article.

Component Repositories/Catalogs

Download.com's ActiveX section, with categories such as Application Development, Browser Enhancements, Database Connectivity, etc.
Large catalog of ActiveX Controls submitted by the actual control manufacturers.
ActiveX Control
Controls available for purchase and download in multiple categories, including Graphics & Multimedia, Databases, Windows GUI, etc.


Web Expressions: ActiveX
Resource links. From the Resource Central section of Web Expressions.
Definition, and resource links from Webopedia.com. See also ActiveX control.
Open Directory (DMOZ)
The Open Directory's collection of COM related links and components.
Links to ActiveX related articles and component downloads.

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