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CGI, or the Common Gateway Interface, is a defined method by which a Web server can obtain information from (or send data to) other programs or files, including Web browsers, and utilize that data on the server machine. Perl is one of the more popular languages for writing CGI scripts, but practically every language includes functions and capabilities (or has modules available containing functions and capabilities) allowing them to access CGI data.

WebReference Articles

Mother of Perl
Jonathan Eisenzopf authored this (now archived) column with free and helpful tips, tricks, code and projects.
Drag & Drop CGI Book Chapter: How to Install the ICE Search Engine
Read a sample chapter about ICE, a free Perl-based Web site search engine. By Bob Weil and Chris Baron.

Other Tutorials

The Common Gateway Interface
From NCSA, an introduction and primer to writing and implementing CGI scripts, as well as covering security topics, the CGI specification and more.
The World Wide Web Security FAQ
Popular and heavily mirrored Web security Q&A from authors Lincoln Stein and John Stewart. Must bookmark for all CGI programmers.
CGI: The Common Gateway Interface for Server-side Processing
A tutorial from the Web Developer's Virtual Library. Includes links to additional CGI resources.
CGI Programming 101
This course is intended for anyone who knows HTML, but doesn't know Perl or CGI programming (and maybe doesn't know any programming at all). The goal here is to introduce you to writing Perl CGI scripts, teach you the basics of scriptwriting, and walk you through several common CGI programming applications for the Web.
CGI Programming FAQ
Comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions by Nick Kew. Is also mirrored at the WDG.
CGI Programming in Java
From chapters 17 and 18 of the Prentice Hall title Core Web Programming. Both client and server-side examples are provided.
CGI Programming with Perl
Sample chapter from the O'Reilly title, CGI Programming with Perl, 2nd edition. This chapter focuses specifically on Perl / CGI security issues and safe coding techniques.
Debugging CGI Scripts
Guidelines to help debugging and problem solving with your CGI Scripts. Also available in German.
Troubleshooting Perl CGI Scripts
Perl Monger's guide offers debug tips especially for Perl CGI programmers.
Working with Server Scripts
A chapter from the book How to Set Up and Maintain a World Wide Web Site. An introduction to scripts, how to find, install, and incorporate scripts into your documents. Covers clickable image maps, gateways, relational database browsers, fill-out forms, and text indexing of your site.

Tools and Resources

A test suite for HTTP and CGI development, from the Web Design Group.
Nick Kew's C++ library for CGI programming.
Thomas Boutell's ANSI C library for CGI programming.
CGI Expert
Component suite for Delphi and C++ Builder.
The CGI (1.1) Specification
From the NCSA.
CGI Acceleration extension for multiple servers; including Apache, IIS, and Zeus.

Collections and Script Repositories

CGI Programming MetaFAQ
Large collection of resource links from Perl Mongers (perl.org) devoted to multiple server-side programming topics, such as security, caching, CGI and HTTP specifications, etc.
Google/Open Directory
Google/Open Directory's Computers / Programming / Internet / CGI category; with multiple sub categories including language specific entries and tutorials.
Repository of thousands of indexed CGIs and Scripts. Contains a keyword and category searchable database.
Matt's Script Archive
CGI scripts categorized by function from Matt Wright.
Extropia's Open Source CGI Script Archive
A useful collection of public-domain Perl scripts and resources. Includes a number of innovative scripts including shopping carts, bulletin boards, feedback, guestbook, database, in-site search engine, and more.
The Techno Trade CGI Archive
A list of PERL cgi scripts with examples of the scripts in action. Most are free for non-commercial use.
Scripts, collections, tutorials, and more. Search hundreds of CGI pages on multiple sites. Formerly known as The CGI Collection.
Links to freeware and shareware CGI scripts; plus there is section for programmers offering free help, or you can post to the "help needed" section.
The CGI Resource Index
Over 2800 CGI related resources on the Internet, including free scripts, links, job resources and more.
Yahoo category: Server Side Scripting / CGI

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