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Described by Microsoft as "an evolution of Microsoft C and Microsoft C++" and "simple, modern, type safe, and object oriented," C# (pronounced "C-sharp") is one of the key language platforms available for building Web services and applications on the .NET framework. It has been ratified by the ECMA General Assembly as a language standard, and is a key component in Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET package for developers.

WebReference Articles

Professional C# Web Services
From Wrox Press, this book excerpt discusses the basics of the .NET Remoting architecture. Topics such as well-known vs. client-activated objects, Activation, and Marshaling are discussed.

Other Articles and Tutorials

A Comparative Overview of C#
Extensive analysis of C#, especially in relationship to Java and C++. From Ben Albahari of Genamics.
C# vs. Java
Another extensive, code intense comparison, this one from Java developer Dare Obasanjo.
Deep Inside C#
O'Reilly editor John Osborn interviews Chief MS C# Language architect, Anders Hejlsberg. Topics include C# and Java (or other languages) compared; component development; garbage collection; and the development of the C# language.
Local IP Addresses in C#
Code example of how to obtain all IP addresses of the local machine, by Khalid Shaikh. From the CodeGuru.

Projects / Communities

ASPMessage Board: C# Q&A Forum
From 4GuysFromRolla.com.
Mono is an effort to create an Open Source implementation of the .NET Development Framework. Included or in development is a C# compiler, runtime, and class libraries.
Shared Source CLI
Microsoft's recently released "Shared Source" Common Language Infrastructure, core source code for the .NET Framework, for Windows XP and FreeBSD operating systems.


Visual C# Language
Straight from the Microsoft Developer's Network (MSDN) library, this section is a must-bookmark for C# developers. Includes the C# specification, programmer's reference, tour, and code wizards.


The C# Information Portal
News, articles, and tutorials from Mantro Tech. Also includes a listing of C# related Newsgroups from DevX and Microsoft.
The C# Station
With articles, tutorials, book references and excerpts, more.
The Code Project
Edited and un-edited developer submitted tutorial articles and C# applications. Also includes additional resource links.
C# Articles
From DevX.com. .NET Framework developer focused articles. Some tutorials require DevX Premier Membership.
Large number of C# links from the Google Web Directory (i.e., the Open Directory).
Smallish collection of links from Yahoo's directory.

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