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Professional C# Web Services

Professional C# Web Services Book Cover
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Authors: Ashish Banerjee
Aravind Corera
Zach Greenvoss
Andrew Krowczyk
Brad Maiani
Christian Nagel
Tomas Palmer
Chris Peiris
Thiru Thangarathinam
ISBN: 1861004397
Price: $59.99 US
Pages: 1000
Pub: Wrox Press Ltd.

Book overview

The .NET Framework provides two ways to build web services – ASP.NET and .NET Remoting. This book covers both of these technologies in depth. .NET Remoting web services require a little extra effort to build, but they offer greater flexibility; allowing the use of different encoding and channels, and they can be hosted in any application, not just IIS.

What does this book cover?

This book covers building web services and web service clients with both ASP.NET and .NET Remoting. It also looks at the generic protocols used by web services - SOAP, WSDL, and discusses discovering web services using Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI). Case studies illustrate the integration of web services into an application, and demonstrate how to create a custom channel sink to apply cryptography to a Remoting web service.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who is interested in building web services using the tools supplied with the .NET Framework, and wants to look at both ASP.NET and .NET Remoting. Prior knowledge of C# and the .NET Framework is assumed.

Book Excerpts

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