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Curl Programming Bible

Curl Programming Bible Book Cover
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Authors: Nikhil Damle
Gary Gray
Bruce Mount
et al
ISBN: 0764549421
$49.99 US
Pages: 792
Pub: John Wiley
& Sons

Book Overview (from Curl Corporation)

This book provides an in-depth look at Curl technologies and how to apply them to real world situations. It demonstrates how Curl technology was built expressly for Web applications, client-side applications that get their information from the Web. Coverage includes Curl language syntax, text formatting, scripting, object oriented programming, rich 3D graphics, and integration with existing and emerging Web technologies.

This book targets all types of developers, starting from a knowlege of HTML, Java, JavaScript, or C++. A companion Web site provides source code and examples.

"The Curl Programming Bible is the definitive guide for rapidly creating next-generation Web applications with rich content and extreme user interactivity."
-Thomas R. Stiling, President, Curl Corporation

Topics discussed in Curl Programming Bible:

  • Get a handle on how Curl technology works and build your own applets
  • Discover how to work with text, tables, backgrounds, and borders
  • Delve into variables, program flow, procedures, classes, and error handling
  • Create a dynamic user interface and work with buttons, lists, and menus
  • Integrate 2D and 3D graphics, animations, and audio
  • Explore the ins and outs of file handling, from remote file access to persistent data
  • Get the lowdown on securing, packaging, and publishing Curl content
  • Use Curl applications as the presentation layer for XML Web services

Book excerpts

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