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Forms are a great way to collect data from visitors, take orders, and customize interactive Web sites.

WebReference Tutorials

Giving Form to Forms (*)
WebReference's HTML with Style author Stephanos Piperoglou provides this comprehensive tutorial covering all aspects of HTML forms, include tag defintions, example implementations, using forms with CSS, and much more.
JavaScript Form-Handling Tips
From the tip of the day archives of Doc JavaScript. Tasty bite-sized chunks of info on dealing with forms and form elements, data validation and more in JavaScript.
Programming with HTML Forms
An older, but still handy tutorial that covers design and implementation of a HTML forms-based application. Includes examples.
JavaScript Feedback Form
Our own Doc JavaScript shows you how to implement a feedback form in JavaScript, and provides you with free source code.
Uploading Images with HTML and ASP
Writer Jos Vernon explores ways to incorporate file uploading into your site with a combination of HTML forms and Active Server Page extensions.

Other Tutorials

BigNoseBird.com's Forms Tutorial
This tutorial is meant to introduce HTML authors to composing forms for use with CGI scripts and programs. Most of the popular tags are here, so if you already have some FORMS experience, you may still find this a useful reference.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Forms
There are a great variety of elements that make up a form, each with it's own set of attributes and values. This tutorial takes you through them all.
Form(s) Over Function
From the wacky world of Webmonkey, a look at using forms as design and layout elements, as well as an introduction to some of the basic uses of forms.
HTML Forms for Web Site Interaction
From WDVL.com, one of our fellow Web development sites here at internet.com. Provides annotated examples of using different tags, links to more general CGI information and more.
An Instant Introduction to CGI Scripts and HTML Forms
Forms are great for getting info from your pages, but then you've got to do something useful with that info. Learn both sides of the the CGI+Forms equation at the same time with this tutorial from the University of Kansas.
Web Diners Forms Tutorial
Using a simple mailto: form, this tutorial walks you through the basics of form creation, even if you don't have access to CGI scripts.
XForms - Next Generation Web Forms
XForms is W3C's name for next generation Web forms. The key idea is to separate the user interface and presentation from the data model and logic. XForms brings XML to Web forms, transferring form data as XML.

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