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Web Design with Ajax | 3

Web Design with Ajax

Reworking the Boards ‘R' Us report

Let's use Ajax to revamp Katie's web report. With Ajax, we can get rid of all those page reloads, and cut down on how much data the server has to send to the report. Here's what you're going to do in the rest of this chapter:

(1) Create a new object to make requests to the server

First, you'll need a JavaScript function to create an object that will let you make requests to the server, and get a response back. Let's call this new function createRequest().

(2) Write a JavaScript function to request new board sales totals

Next, you'll use the object you just created in Step 1 to make a request to the web server. We can put this code in another function, called getBoardsSold(), and run it when Katie clicks the "Show Me the Money" button.

(3) Update Katie's report with new numbers using JavaScript

Now you can update the report with the current number of boards sold, and figure out how much cash Katie's made. Let's take care of this with another new JavaScript function that we'll write; we'll call this function updatePage().

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