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HTTP: The Definitive Guide--Excerpts.

HTTP: The Definitive Guide

HTTP: The Definitive Guide Book Cover
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Authors: David Gourley
Brian Totty
With: Marjorie Sayer
Sailu Reddy
Anshu Aggarwal
ISBN: 1565925092
$44.95 US
Pages: 656
Pub: O'Reilly

Book Overview (condensed, from the publisher)

Behind every Web transaction lies the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)--the language of Web browsers and servers, of portals and search engines, of e-commerce and Web services. Understanding HTTP is essential for practically all Web-based programming, design, analysis, and administration.

While the basics of HTTP are elegantly simple, the protocol's advanced features are notoriously confusing, because they knit together complex technologies and terminology from many disciplines. This book clearly explains HTTP and these interrelated core technologies. HTTP: The Definitive Guide explains everything people need to use HTTP efficiently--including the "black arts" and "tricks of the trade."

In addition to explaining the basic HTTP features, syntax and guidelines, this book clarifies related, but often misunderstood topics, such as: TCP connection management, Web proxy and cache architectures, Web robots and robots.txt files, Basic and Digest authentication, secure HTTP transactions, entity body processing, internationalized content, and traffic redirection.

Book excerpts

Created: January 13, 2003
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