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Programming Jabber

Stopping the Server

To stop the server, just kill the processes, and it will shut down:

yak:~/jabber-1.4.1$ killall jabberd


yak:~/jabber-1.4.1$ kill `cat jabber.pid`

jabberd Command-Line Switches

We've seen the -h switch to specify the host when starting the server up. There are other switches available on the command line, too; they are listed in Table 3-1.


Relating to



Alternate configuration

Use this to specify an alternative configuration file if you don't want to use jabber.xml.


Debugging info

Specifying this switch will cause (a large amount of) debugging information to be sent to STDERR.



The hostname of the Jabber server.


Home folder

Used to specify "home" folder or directory.


Spool area

The directory where the Jabber server stores data via the xdb_file module.


Show version

Reports Jabber server version and exits.


Show version

Same as -v.


Debugging info

Limits the debugging information to certain "zones" (comma-separated).[1]

Table 3-1. Command-line switches

Starting the Jabber server with any unrecognized switches will cause it to show you a list of valid switches:

[yak: ~/jabber-1.4.1]$ ./jabberd/jabberd -badswitch
jabberd &
 Optional Parameters:
 -c             configuration file
 -D             enable debug output
 -H             location of home folder
 -v             server version
 -V             server version

Yes, the list that it shows isn't complete. If the common switch -h were present in the list, we could almost consider the unlisted switches as undocumented, but it isn't present, so we won't.

1.The "zones" are the filenames that immediately follow the timestamp in the debug log records, for example, xdb_file or deliver. Specifying one or more zones will limit debug output to lines that pertain to those zones.

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