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Cafe au Lait
A well-organized collections of links and information updated near daily by Elliotte Rusty Harold.
Digital Cat's Java Resource Center
An extensive list of articles, resources, tools and much more. In Japanese or English.
Gamelan (*)
A large, frequently updated collection of Java information, applets and more. Designed by Earthweb's Java developers for Java developers.
IBM's Ultimate Java Guide (*)
IBM's Java home page includes a web-based, multimedia course on Java, and extensive links and resources.
Java applet rating service.
Java Boutique
Internet.com's own collection of applets, includes Java news and a forum.
Java Programming Resources
Links to books, courses, code examples and more.
Java: Resource Sites
The Open Directory Project's listings for great Java sites.
JavaSoft home page (*)
Sun created Java - for the latest news, code and development tools, head to the source.
Java Toys
A development resource center dedicated to providing links to on-line information relevant and useful to the Java developer. A well-organized collection of links to Java tutorials, reference materials, news, white papers, developing tools, frequently asked questions and much more.
Presenting Java Information Resources
Key Java sites by John December.
Team Java Links (*)
A large collection of links and resources on Java.
WWW Virtual Library: Java
Events, resources, and references on Java. (last updated Dec. 1996)
Yahoo's Index of Java Links.

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