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Focus on Java
About.com Java resources with articles on current Java topics, links and news.
JavaBoutique News
From Java Boutique, Java news from around the Web.
Java News
News, articles and information on Java-based products and happenings in the fast-paced world of Java development. From IBM.
Daily news from the world of Java and XML technologies, documentation and translations, books and dev tools reviews, forum.
Java News Network
"All Java news, all the time."
Sun's Java Source
From Sun, links to Java stories in the media, and developer news.

Journals and Magazines

Caffeine Connection
Where Java developers meet on the Web for information, applets and opportunities.
The Java Centre
Has a growing list of Java developers based in the UK, as well as information on seminars, training courses, tutorials and exhibitions, the latest Java news and developments.
Java Developer's Journal
With product reviews, source code, articles, editorials and more.
Written for both experienced users - programmers, developers (including sophisticated multimedia developers) - as well as technical managers, Web designers, and information specialists. Published 12 times per year, Java Report is written by developers who are experts in the field.
Features new products, opinions, trends, tutorials and more. Also has a job matching service.

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