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Java is a programming language similar to C++. It was created to be easy to learn and use, and to function the same on many different platforms, providing a universal Web language. See also Java collections.

Tutorials and Documentation

Ask the Java Pro
A free service provided by inquiry.com where you can get technical Java questions answered.
Brewing Java: a Tutorial
This tutorial has grown into a book called The Java Developer's Resource. Even so, it's still available online. The examples and exercises from that book are also online here and may be of use, even if you don't buy the book.
Free Online Courses
Train online with IBM's instructors. Learn about Beans, applets and more! Some of these tutorials are designed to work in conjunction with IBM's Bamba audio streaming technology.
Introducing Java
This article will introduce the Java programming language through the study of an applet. You will learn how a Java enabled browser controls the flow of work in an applet, how to build a simple graphical user interface and how to handle user initiated events like pressing a button. You will learn how to read data into an applet and how to parse this data.
Java Documentation
An index of the available Java documentation at Sun's site.
The Java Game Programming Tutorial
This is a tutorial starting with basic issues in the Java language with regard to applets, particularly for beginners or knowledgeable programmers who wish to make online Java presentations or games.
The Java Language: A White Paper
Sun's overview of Java's capabilities, which include object-oriented, secure, architecture neutral, portable, interpreted yet the ability to compile at run-time, mutithreaded, and dynamic.
Java Programming...From the Grounds Up
A good place to start learning Java. From WebDeveloper.com.
Java Servlets
Java has come a long way since the Tumbling Duke applet days of yesteryear; now it's being used on the server side. Learn more from WebMonkey.
JavaToys is a development resource center dedicated to providing links to on-line information relevant and useful to the Java developer. Here you will find links to Java tutorials, reference materials, news, white papers, developing tools, frequently asked questions and more.
The Java Tutorial
The tutorial reflects both 1.0 and 1.1, with some material on post-1.1 features. It's organized into trails -- groups of lessons on a particular subject. Currently there are trails for Java newbies, general Java programming, applets, essential classes, user interfaces, networking, a big example, security, internationalization, native interfaces, JavaBeans, and updating to 1.1+.
OOPas to Java Tutorial
Designed to introduce the Java language to programmers who have a good grasp of Object Oriented Pascal. Many of Java's more advanced features such as exceptions and multi-threading are not covered here. But, this tutorial should give a programmer the ability write solid object oriented programs equivalent to what they could write in OOPas.
Thinking in Java
Download a pdf/word file of an entire Java book for free. Bruce Eckel, who writes for Web Techniques magazine as their Java columnist and has a number of books to his credit, decided that the best way to promote his new book would be to give the electronic version away for free.

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