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Professional Java Web Services

Professional Java Web Services Book Cover
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Authors: Alex Toussaint
Ben Galbraith
Andre Tost
Romin Irani
S. Jeelani Basha
Mack Hendricks
Tarak Modi
James Milbery
Scott Cable
ISBN: 1861003757
Price: $49.99 US
Pages: 600
Pub: Wrox Press Ltd.

Book overview (from the publisher)

Web Services is a major area for growth in the programming industry. Indeed Microsoft have staked their company on it, completely re-engineering the Windows platform for this purpose. In the Java world, a system for distributed, highly scalable, maintainable enterprise systems is already in place. The software engineer must merely add an additional layer, that of Web Services, in order to enable implementation independent cross application communication for distributed applications. This also means simpler enterprise application integration (EAI) through standard models for publishing, discovering, and binding to Web Services. This book teaches the core standards for Web Services today including SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, giving practical advice on implementing Web Services in enterprise applications.

Who is this book for?

Professional Web Services concisely explains the important technologies and specifications behind Web services. The book outlines the architecture of Web services, and the latest information on implementing Web services. The book assumes a good knowledge of Java and XML.

What does this book cover?

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