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JavaScript and Ajax Tips & Tutorials - Archive: 2002 and Earlier

JavaScript is an easy-to-use programming language that is common on Web pages. It can enhance the dynamics and interactive features of your site with small amounts of code.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is a group of inter-related Web development techniques (including JavaScript, PHP, among others) used for creating interactive Web applications.

Creating a Cross-Browser (DOM) Expandable Tree
Guest author Nicholas C. Zakas teaches you how to create an expandable/collapsible navigation component for your Web pages using DOM-based JavaScript techniques (IE5+, NS6.1+).
Creating Unique Automatic JavaScript Objects
Need to create a JavaScript object, and ensure that one--and only one--instance is available to your scripts? Guest author Philip Chalmers discusses his technique for creating single JavaScript object instances that can be accessed from multiple scripts.
Cross Browser DOM Document Wrapper
Learn how to write a common JavaScript API that will allow for the loading and manipulating of XML documents in the latest versions of both IE and Netscape.
Creating DHTML Applications
Open-Publishing author Dries Samyn shares methods and examples that will allow you to build your own customized DHTML API.
DHTML Lab (*)
WebRef expert Peter Belesis utilizes JavaScript in all of his extensive library of scripts, some practical (hier menus) some cool (interactive puzzles) and many are both.
Drag and Drop in Internet Explorer
Customize the look and feel of your Web pages by extending the browser's default drag and drop behavior. This article examines multiple drag and drop scripting techniques that you can use with Internet Explorer. By Nicholas Zakas.
Dynamically Resizing Images
If you've ever wanted to dynamically resize your images relative to browser size, then this is the article for you. By Eddie Traversa.
Doc JavaScript (*)
A biweekly JavaScript how-to column with prescriptions that are sure to improve your JavaScript health. Also has a script library/pharmacy and discussion forum. Check out the Doc's new Tip of the Day archive, and create your own customized tip library.
Form Validation with Cold Fusion and JavaScript
Joe Copley demonstrates a simple scripting solution to validating Cold Fusion forms with JavaScript. This "best-of-both-worlds" approach allows you to leapfrog the limitations inherent in both technologies.
JavaScript and Forms
Learn how small scriptlets can do big things for your site. Access forms, validate data, and even create little applications all with JavaScript. By Mark Young.
JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive
A multitude of JavaScript tips and tricks to help you on your way to JavaScript bliss. If they don't improve you, they'll improve your page. Has tips, ideas, tricks, and code examples. Part of the WebRef family of sites. By Nick Heinle.
JavaScripting Netscape 6: No More Sloppy Code
Learn how to adapt your JavaScript and HTML to support Netscape 6 and the DOM. We show how common coding techniques can fail in DOM-compliant browsers, and offer some solutions. By Andrew King.
Making a Standard
Can DOM-based JavaScripts work in today's bifurcated Web? Nick del Pozo makes a case for standards-based write-once JavaScripts.
Object Detection in the New Browser Age
Guest author Eddie Traversa argues the case in favor of object-based browser detection in JavaScript. The trick, of course, is knowing which unique objects are supported in each browser and platform.
Optimizing JavaScript
WebRef's links to JavaScript optimization.
Scripting for 5th Generation Browsers
Eddie Traversa returns to introduce you to the art of DOM-based scripting.
Universal Related Popup Menus
Our Universal Related Popup Menus (URPM) provide a compact way to represent two levels of web site hierarchy in one line, and degrade gracefully for browsers without JavaScript. By Andrew King.
Using JavaScript's confirm() Method to Control Form Submission
Steve Mai shows us how to control form-field validation using a few simple lines of JavaScript, a feature used on
Using VBScript to define and control JavaScript on Active Server Pages
Jerry Gray shows us how to "Mix and Match," using VBScript and JavaScript together on Active Server Pages.
When You Can't Trust the Browser
Guest author Kenneth Tibbetts examines Opera's ability to disguise itself as a different browser.

Specs and Documentation

Core JavaScript Reference: Version 1.5
This book (in HTML format) is a reference manual for the core JavaScript language, version 1.5. Can be used in conjunction with the Core JavaScript Guide, listed below. Written by the developers at Netscape Communications. An excellent resource.
Core JavaScript Guide: Version 1.5
Starting at the beginning, this reference explains everything you need to know about using core JavaScript. This reference assumes you have the following basic background: a general understanding of the Internet and the World Wide Web and a good working knowledge of HTML. Written by the developers at Netscape Communications. An excellent resource.
JScript Documentation
Technical information and tutorials. From Microsoft.
ECMAScript Language Specification
A PDF version of the official specification for ECMAScript, the vendor-neutral standard for what was originally Netscape's JavaScript

JavaScript Book Excerpts

Here is our complete library of book excerpts covering JavaScript and Ajax.

Archived Doc JavaScript Columns

The Doc JavaScript Archive - These JavaScript articles were written by the Doc JavaScript team (Yehuda Shiran and Tomer Shiran) between 1997 and 2002.

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