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JavaScript and Ajax Tips & Tutorials - Archive: 2004

JavaScript is an easy-to-use programming language that is common on Web pages. It can enhance the dynamics and interactive features of your site with small amounts of code.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is a group of inter-related Web development techniques (including JavaScript, PHP, among others) used for creating interactive Web applications.

Easy Table Reading in JavaScript
Readability is a key factor on any web site as it enhances the user experience. This article focuses on taking advantage of JavaScript's style-alternating capabilities and event-handlers to make any dynamic web page easier to read in a few seconds. By Jonathan Fenocchi 1209
Stereoscopic Vision in JavaScript
Remember when stereoscopic images were all the rage? Crowds of people would gather around printed images of a random grouping of colored dots, hoping that a 3D scene would emerge from the chaos. Today, you'll learn how these images actually work and how a simple JavaScript program can dynamically generate just such an image. By Guyon Roche. 1202
Automatic Ad-Rotation in JavaScript
In an earlier article, the author wrote about how use JavaScript to display random advertisements when the page loads. To complement that article, he now focuses on rotating the ads in random order, over a period of time without reloading the page. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 1104
JavaScript: The Return to Sender Issue
A persistent problem with the Web API is the Return-to-Sender issue. JavaScript is capable of alleviating it, but it's not always enabled by software vendors. By Jacques Surveyor. 1014
How to Use JavaScript ++
One of the problems facing JavaScript developers is that the core features are only supported in the latest browsers. In this article, users will learn how to use JavaScript to solve this problem. by Guyon Roche. 0930
JavaScript Popup Media Player
Playing videos in popup windows is often a simple task, but when you end up with multiple pages for each individual video, things can quickly become complicated. We can clean that up with JavaScript, and still make it accessible to users who don't have JavaScript. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 0923
The History of JavaScript and Databases
JavaScript and databases have a mixed history, due in part to JavaScript's success. Currently, Web security provisions restricts the ability of a Web program to read (and write) local files. Here are some options to change that. By Jacques Surveyor. 0827
JavaScript Synchronized Frame Scrolling, Pt. 3: Putting It All Together
In the final chapter of this series, we synchronize the vertical and horizontal frames. We place code from the previous articles into one so that both frames will scroll in both directions: horizontally and vertically. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 0716
How to Create a JavaScript Image Viewer
Today, a solution to online photo albums is presented. Using JavaScript, images are displayed as thumbnails. If you wish to see more detail, click on the thumbnail and it will expand to its full size. By Guyon Roche. 0709
Browser Wars v.2004: Part 2
As the browser wars continue, the battle appears to be changing as many users are switching to other, lesser-known browsers, resulting in an increase in their popularity. Whether a statement of personal choice or a reaction to Microsoft, that remains to be seen. By Lee Underwood. 0623
Browser Wars v.2004: Part 1
As the World Wide Web evolves, it seems as if a war is raging between the biggest players - the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), other browser manufacturers and Microsoft. And the developers? They're caught in the middle. By Lee Underwood. 0617
JavaScript Trends: Mixed Signals
Given the popularity of the Web and the role JavaScript plays in Web development, one would expect JavaScript to be ranked in the top ten programming languages. But if you take the measure of JavaScript in 2004 you get mixed signals. By Jacques Surveyor. 0615
How to Create a JavaScript Web Page Screen Saver
This JavaScript tutorial shows you how to implement a screen saver on a web page. It activates after a timeout, hides the current content of the page, creates an attractive display and more. By Guyon Roche. 0608
How to Create a JavaScript Windows Interface
When Windows first appeared, multiple windows could be used to separate unrelated bits of information within one or many programs. Today, Guyon Roche creates a JavaScript based framework that can be used to organize a web application in a Windows-like fashion. 0513
JavaScript Synchronized Frame Scrolling, Pt. 2: Horizontal Scrolling
In part one of this series, we looked at how to synchronize two vertically scrolling frames. Today, we'll look at how to make these frames scroll horizontally. This is useful for horizontally oriented sites, such as those designed with Flash or CSS. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 0415
Creating a Textbox with JavaScript Auto-Complete
As a user types in new values using the Auto-Complete feature of Internet Explorer, it maintains a list of values that the user has entered. But there are some limitations. These are overcome in this article, using JavaScript. By Guyon Roche. 0409
Use JavaScript to Create a Scrolling Grid
A problem often encountered in web design is condensing large tables of data into a standard 800x600 web page. In this article you'll Iearn how to use JavaScript to render any amount of table data into a small grid. By Guyon Roche. 0318
Forms Processing Emergence - JavaScripted
2004 has been dubbed the Year of Linux, the Portlet, and of Home PC media centers. However, Web and JavaScript developers will want to pay attention to form processing because developments are coming fast and furious into the Web world. By Jacques Surveyor. 0310
Synchronized Frame Scrolling Part 1: Vertical Scrolling
Have you ever needed to vertically scroll two frames at once, using one scrollbar? In this article, you'll learn how to set up two frames, and how to get them to "synchronize" vertically. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 0225
JavaScript Image Preloader
One of JavaScript's greatest strengths is the generation of HTML code on the fly. One of the hurdles to overcome when generating HTML is to ensure that any images referenced using IMG tags are properly loaded. By Guyon Roche. 0219
JavaScript OO Vector Graphics Package
Over the years, JavaScript has developed into the browser scripting language of choice for DHTML. One apparent omission from JavaScript's functionality seemed to be the ability to draw graphics directly to the browser window. But there are benefits to doing so. By Guyon Roche. 0121
Ad-Rotation in JavaScript
Ad-Rotation is widespread and important for many sites, such as those that offer free services. In this article, you'll learn how to generate random advertisements in JavaScript, and explore some other features along the way. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 0114

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ECMAScript Language Specification
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