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JavaScript and Ajax Tips & Tutorials - Archive: 2006

JavaScript is an easy-to-use programming language that is common on Web pages. It can enhance the dynamics and interactive features of your site with small amounts of code.

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), is a group of inter-related Web development techniques (including JavaScript, PHP, among others) used for creating interactive Web applications.

Doodle, A Demo Drawing Program - Part 3
In this installment, a solid programming style has been imposed, a JavaScript class model developed for Preezo which supports single inheritance and simple, tightly bound class definition code. This is important when working with large applications. By Guyon Roche. 1129
Database-enabled Ajax with PHP
Ajax has taken the Web to a new level by offering an intuitive interactive model that rivals the desktop. To compete with desktop applications, you'll learn how to create database-enabled Ajax requests using PHP and MySQL. By Kris Hadlock. 1122
The JavaScript Diaries: Part 15 - The Date Object
With JavaScript you can display and manipulate the date and time. You can calculate the days between dates, show new items on your Web site, etc. In this installment we'll take a look at the JavaScript Date() object and learn how to utilize it in our scripts. By Lee Underwood. 1011
Doodle, A Demo Drawing Program: Part 2
The previous article introduced the Doodle drawing application. This week, an application framework is added, complete with a document-view architecture. This powerful programming technique separates the document data from the view. By Guyon Roche. 0929
How to Create a Color Picker in JavaScript
This week you're going to learn how to create a Color Picker similar to the one used in Photoshop, but entirely in JavaScript! By Mark Kahn. 0901
How to Display Tabular Data - A New Perspective
It's common for a Web developer to build sites where tabular data is used. A common problem is where long fields might not fit correctly, making your browser resize the table cells, creating an annoying scrolling and/or cell height/width stretching. Here's a solution to the problem. By Nicolas Erlijman. 0809
Doodle, A Demo Drawing Program - Part 1
This week you'll learn about solid software design practices, many of them borrowed from working with Windows applications. The result is the development of a Web based drawing package. By Guyon Roche. 0802
Developing Web Applications with Ajax, Pt. 4
This week you'll learn how to submit information through forms without reloading the page. We'll begin with the form's HTML, and then we'll move onto adding the JavaScript for submitting a form with Ajax. By Jonathan Fenocchi. 0719
The JavaScript Diaries: Part 14 - The Math Object
This week we look at the Math object, a JavaScript object used to perform mathematical operations such as obtaining the values of predefined mathematical constants. It can also be used to generate random numbers. By Lee Underwood. 0609
How to Fix Web Pages with Active Content
As a result of a recent lawsuit, Microsoft has changed the way that Internet Explorer deals with Active Content. This can be fixed by using JavaScript but it creates extra work. Fortunately, there's another solution, IEWebFix. By Ronald Northrip. 0519
Design Patterns in JavaScript, Part 1
Design patterns are programming solutions to a specific problem that has been documented so that the developer doesn't need to solve the same problem again. This week, we begin a series of articles that will explore implementing several popular design patterns in JavaScript. By Nicholas C. Zakas. 0421
How to Drag and Drop in JavaScript
JavaScript excels at Modifying the DOM of a Web page, but we usually only do simple things with it, such as creating image rollovers, making tabs, etc. This week you're going to learn how to create items on your page that you can drag and drop. By Mark Kahn. 0414
The JavaScript Diaries: Part 13 - Array Properties and Methods
Now that we know about the different types of arrays, we'll learn how to manipulate them in order to make them more functional. This week we'll look at the properties and methods that are commonly used for most coding situations. By Lee Underwood. 0324
Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 2
In the last installment you learned about dynamic script loading. In Part 2, you'll learn how to use images and cookies to enable client-server communication on older browsers that don't support the DOM. By Nicholas C. Zakas. 0317
DOM Scripting: Unobtrusive JavaScript at Its Best
In the world of JavaScript programming, the language is especially powerful when interacting with Web pages using the Document Object Model (DOM). If you've ever wanted to learn the basics of DOM scripting, have a look at this review. By Lee Underwood. 0310
Placing JavaScripts in External Files
It seems that every few days over on the JavaScript forum, someone wants to know how to place their JavaScripts in an external file. In this article we'll take a look at the reasons for placing scripts in an external file and how to go about doing it. By Lee Underwood. 0306
How to Auto Include a Javascript File
Many developers have a large library of JavaScript code at their fingertips that they developed, their collegues developed, or that they've pieced together. If you've ever wanted to easily find any JavaScript file this article will show you how. By Mark Kahn. 0301
Object Oriented JavaScript - Part 1
To many object orientation purists, a programming language doesn't cut the mustard unless it supports some form of class inheritance, where one class can 'inherit' the behaviour of another class. This week, you'll learn how JavaScript can support class inheritance for user defined classes. By Guyon Roche. 0217
Alternate Ajax Techniques, Part 1
By now, nearly everyone who works in web development has heard of the term Ajax. Most articles on Ajax have focused on using XMLHttp as the means to achieving such communication, but there are other methods which we'll explore in this series of articles. By Nicholas C. Zakas. 0210
The JavaScript Diaries: Part 12 - Multiple Array Types
This week we look at what happens with multidimensional and associative arrays. As you look at these you will start to understand where you can use JavaScript when building your Web sites. By Lee Underwood. 0120

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Specs and Documentation

Core JavaScript Reference: Version 1.5
This book (in HTML format) is a reference manual for the core JavaScript language, version 1.5. Can be used in conjunction with the Core JavaScript Guide, listed below. Written by the developers at Netscape Communications. An excellent resource.
Core JavaScript Guide: Version 1.5
Starting at the beginning, this reference explains everything you need to know about using core JavaScript. This reference assumes you have the following basic background: a general understanding of the Internet and the World Wide Web and a good working knowledge of HTML. Written by the developers at Netscape Communications. An excellent resource.
JScript Documentation
Technical information and tutorials. From Microsoft.
ECMAScript Language Specification
A PDF version of the official specification for ECMAScript, the vendor-neutral standard for what was originally Netscape's JavaScript

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