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WebReference.com - Excerpts from Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition. From O'Reilly.

Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition

Designing with JavaScript Book Cover
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Authors: Nick Heinle
Bill Pena
ISBN: 156592360X
Price: $34.95 US
Pages: 230
Pub: O'Reilly

"Most JavaScript books force you to slog through reams of reference material before you get to the good stuff. This book is not one of them." - Andy King, from the WebReference Update


JavaScript is one of the core technologies of the Web. Using JavaScript, you can create dynamic, interactive Web pages that include image rollovers, pop-up windows, auto-scrolling frames, intelligent forms, and sophisticated Dynamic HTML effects. Even better, you don't have to be a programming ace to learn enough JavaScript to incorporate these elements into your Web pages.

Designing with JavaScript shows you how to create the effects you want, without forcing you to wade through pages of dry programmer-speak about variables, operators, and functions. Each chapter demonstrates common JavaScript techniques and explains how to customize them for your own use. Along the way, it introduces basic JavaScript concepts, teaching the language in the context of real-world examples. By the time you finish this book, you'll have a solid foundation of JavaScript knowledge that you can apply to your own Web pages.

With Designing with JavaScript, you will learn to:

Co-authored by former WebReference columnist Nick Heinle and Bill Pena, this new edition has been updated to cover the latest JavaScript techniques supported by current Web browsers.

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