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The JavaScript Diaries

The JavaScript Diaries


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Because of its usefulness, I've long thought about whether I should learn JavaScript programming or not. One of the main reasons I kept putting it off was the availability of free, existing scripts. 'Why re-invent the wheel?', I kept asking myself. If I could spend a few minutes searching my favorite sites for scripts (such as JavaScript Source and ScriptSearch), why should I spend my time learning how to write them? And so it went on for several years.

Today, there is a lot more that JavaScript can do and as a result, I've decided the time has come to learn it. My intention is not to become a JavaScript guru or programming genius but to be able to write scripts that I can use in my work, and perhaps share with others.

This series covers learning JavaScript, from the beginning. Listed below are the sections currently available. Be sure to check back as I add more sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Data Types & Variables
  3. Operators
  4. Functions
  5. Conditional Statements and Loops
  6. Objects
  7. Browser-Based Objects
  8. Window Methods
  9. Window Event Handlers
  10. Navigator, Screen, History and Location Objects
  11. Arrays: Part 1 - Introduction
  12. Arrays: Part 2 - Multiple Array Types
  13. Arrays: Part 3 - Array Properties and Methods
  14. The Math Object
  15. The Date Object

Created: April 15, 2005