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JavaScript and Ajax Book Excerpts

Over the years, we've amassed quite a collection of book excerpts covering JavaScript and Ajax-related topics. Check out this list and you might find something interesting.

JavaScript Core Objects. Pt. 2
This week, author Ellie Quigley covers the Wrapper, String, Number, Boolean and Function Objects. These core objects are consistent across different implementations and platforms and have been standardized by the ECMAScript 1.0 specification, allowing programs to be portable. By Prentice Hall. 1208
JavaScript Core Objects. Pt. 1
A definitive set of tutorials, JavaScript by Example is written for the serious non-programmer who is interested in mastering the full power of the language. The book offers complete coverage, from basics such as script setup, data types, and dialog boxes, to advanced topics including event handling, the Document Object Model and CSS. By Prentice Hall. 1201
JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook, Chapter 8: Pt. 2
The following is the conclusion of our series of excerpts from Chapter 8 of the O'Reilly title, JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook.
JavaScript and DHTML Cookbook: Chapter 8: Pt. 1
On numerous online forums for JavaScript and DHTML, many questions begin with "How do I...?" This new Cookbook provides over 150 recipes, covering topics such as manipulating strings, validating dates in JavaScript, cross-browser positioning of HTML elements, sorting tables, etc. By O'Reilly.
Beyond HTML Goodies
Goodies is as goodies does--or something like that. Our excerpt from chapter 6 of "Beyond HTML Goodies" runs through a collection of basic JavaScript-based form tricks, including auto submitting a form and select box-based navigation. From Que.
Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition
WebRef offers you sample chapters from the book Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition. Before you learn how JavaScript differentiates between one browser and another, you need to understand how JavaScript gets information from the browser.
Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference
Newly updated to cover DHTML support in the latest major browsers, Our prime cut from chapter 6 of this classic text teaches how to script events, including the differing methodologies used in IE vs. Gecko-Based browsers. From O'Reilly.
JavaScript Design
If you're lost in advanced JavaScript topics such as Web services, DOM scripting, and pop-up menus then we have the perfect excerpt for you. Chapter 2 of "JavaScript Design" provides beginning scripters with the dos and don'ts of JavaScript coding. From New Riders.
The JavaScript Sourcebook
WebRef offers you sample chapters from this reference guide to the wonders of JavaScript, including some basic programming concepts and how to use JavaScript to validate forms.
JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
In this excerpt from the classic O'Reilly JavaScript reference, we examine the W3C's Document Object Model: the core standard, how it relates to HTML documents, and browser specific implications.
Optimizing JavaScript for Download Speed
Creating speedy scripts is only half the JavaScript optimization battle: You must also create code that can be quickly downloaded. Find out what you should and shouldn't cut in this exclusive excerpt from Chapter 9 of Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization. From New Riders.
Optimizing JavaScript for Execution Speed
Learn how to tune your code to execute faster in this complete chapter excerpt of Chapter 10 of Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization. From New Riders.
Practical JavaScript for the Usable Web
In this excerpt from the glasshaus title, an in depth discussion of credit card number validation in JavaScript is discussed.
Professional JavaScript
This group of articles is taken from selected chapters of the Wrox Press book Professional JavaScript. Some of the many topics covered include object-orientation, scope chains, prototype chains, exception handling, regular expressions, methods, properties, and basic browser JavaScript.