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JavaScript Design

JavaScript Design Book Cover
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Author: Bill Sanders
ISBN: 0735711674
Price: $44.99
Pages: 480
Pub: New Riders


JavaScript Design shows designers how to create interactive JavaScript applications for the Web. Its 19 chapters are divided into 3 main sections: Basic JavaScript, which discusses the beginning, core features of the language including syntax, variable and data handling, program flow, and JavaScript objects; Using JavaScript with Web Pages, which includes topics such as the Document Object Model (DOM), window and form interactions, event handling, cookie handling, and DHTML; and finally, JavaScript and Other Applications and Languages that examines JavaScript's ability to interact with other popular Web development languages, including PHP, Perl, ASP, and Flash ActionScript.

JavaScript Design provides detailed descriptions of:

About the Author

Bill Sanders is one of the charter faculty members in the University of Hartford's Interactive Information Technology (IIT) program, one of the leading Web development programs in the country. He's a skilled professor at teaching complex issues in plain, easy to understand language. He's experienced at teaching non-technologists in a way that they will understand and be able to utilize.

Prior to working at the University of Hartford, Bill was the Associate Dean at the University of Texas, El Paso, where he worked with the College of Liberal Arts faculty in developing Web resources for the college. Before that, Bill was a faculty member at San Diego State where he began writing computer textbooks.

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