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Despite increases in bandwidth and connection speed, Internet users still have no patience for slow pages and slow code. These optimization tools help squeeze every ounce of speed out of your pages. In addition, obfuscators can help protect your hard work by obscuring your code while keeping functionality intact.


HTML Optimization

HTML Shrinker
Free/pay Windows HTML optimizer. Includes optimization of JavaScript and style sheets. Numerous options, very effective.
Freeware HTML cleaner & validator, available for every major computing plaform, including many Unix variants. By Dave Raggett.
HTML Jammer
Shareware HTML & JavaScript optimizer/obfuscator, supports Windows, Amiga, Unix platforms.
VSE WebSite Turbo
Award-winning Mac-based HTML, graphics and JavaScript Optimizer. Free demo available.

Java Optimization

Shrinks, obfuscates, and optimizes Java code, protecting your Java class files from reverse engineering, making them smaller and more efficient. Commerical and trial versions available.
Commercial Java obfuscation, size reduction and speed optimization. Generates 100% compatible Java, with up to 70% size and 30% speed improvements. Demo version available, free version available for customers of RSA and Zero G.
jPresto / jPresse
From S5 Systems Inc. GUI and SDK tools for Java obfuscation, code reduction, image optimization, and performance optimization.
Java Bytecode Obfuscator. Free product integrates with (and requires) Ant 1.5 or better.

JavaScript Optimization

JavaScript Scrambler
Windows shareware, providing JavaScript obfuscation and size optimization.
JSMIN: The JavaScript Minifier
jsmin is a command-line filter that removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from JavaScript files. Also see the JavaScript lint program jslint, that cleans up your code. By Douglas Crockford.
Google's List of Java Obfuscators
Optimizing JavaScript for Download Speed
Creating speedy scripts is only half the JavaScript optimization battle: You must also create code that can be quickly downloaded. Find out what you should and shouldn't cut in this exclusive excerpt from Chapter 9 of Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization. From New Riders From New Riders by Andy King.
Optimizing JavaScript for Execution Speed
Speed up your JavaScript with these exclusive excerpts from Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization. Learn how to choose the right algorithm and data structure, and minimize DOM interaction and I/O. Tweak your code locally, trade space for time and vice versa to wring the most speed out of your scripts. From New Riders by Andy King.


PHP Guardian
Optimize, obfuscate, encrypt, timelimit and IP limit your PHP code.


Extreme HTML Optimization
How to squeeze every unneeded byte out of your code. By Andy King.
Great Tips from CNET Designers
See how CNET optimizes their pages. See especially the HTML and page layout sections.
Optimizing Animated Gifs
Techniques and tools for keeping your animations under control. By Andy King.
Optimizing Web Graphics
Techniques and tools for minimizing the size of your graphics, by Andy King, WebRef's intrepid editor.
Additional information on Graphics optimization tools can be found in WebRef's Authoring section.
Learn how to speed up your site at the companion site to the book "Speed Up Your Site" by Andy King.

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