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Simple Comments: Test Page

Simple Comments: Test Page

On this page, you may submit "test" comments, that will be displayed by the Simple Comments system. On other pages of our site, we insist that all comments that are supplied pertain directly to the article that they are submitted on; so we don't allow messages like test message or hello, world from submitters like test user at On this page, however, you may feel free to enter these basic types of test messages and we'll let them get through. (And a warning to casual viewers: that means that the links within the comments may not point to anything relevant or useful.)

We'll still manually approve the comments before posting them, though; (sorry spammers) so you can't just post anything you like. All the normal rules (like no objectionable content or links to objectionable sites) still apply.

With a few exceptions, the comments displayed on this page use the default templates as provided in the Simple Comments distribution; so what you're seeing here is the same thing you would see "out of the box" on your own site. Remember that you are free to adjust all of the HTML displays in the system to suit your tastes.

The exceptions are:

For more on the Simple Comments system, please visit our Simple Comments home page.

Created: January 5, 2007
Revised: July 14, 2008