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Simple Comments Release Notes: v.960 (1/3)

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Simple Comments Release Notes: v.960

By Dan Ragle

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[This is a release bulletin for the Simple Comments script. For general information pertaining to the script, including the latest release download, system requirements, etc., visit the Simple Comments main page.]

Chock full of new features and fixes--many requested by readers--my Simple Comments script returns for a major release. As always, I'll review the new features of the script in this and the forthcoming release bulletin, with a special emphasis on the development-related issues that surfaced during its creation. And so, without further ado...

Simple Comments Supports OpenID

The Simple Comments Login Screen now has an OpenID Option
The Simple Comments login screen now includes an OpenID field.

By far, the number one change in this release of Simple Comments is support for OpenID. We'll examine this topic extensively in the pages that follow (the majority of this release bulletin will focus on OpenID related topics), but for now note that v.960 of Simple Comments allows users to login and create a visitor account using an OpenID identifier, as well as associate an OpenID with an existing (already registered) visitor account (so they can login using their OpenID on future visits). Our OpenID implementation follows the OpenID 2.0 specs (for the most part; I'll detail the differences I know of in Part II of these release notes), and also supports white/black lists for OpenID providers (so you can allow only those OpenID providers you know, or block known bad guy providers). As is the case with most Simple Comments features, you can enable or disable OpenID support by toggling a single configuration parameter.

Article Locking and Other Enhancements

While OpenID was the biggest change to Simple Comments (both in terms of new functionality and the size of the raw code), it wasn't the only one. Other enhancements in this new version of the script include:

Other minor enhancements include a streamlined administration menu, reorganized documentation and various template-related improvements.

The utf8 Gaff and Other Fixes

As is nearly always the case, several bugs were fixed in this release of Simple Comments; many of which were pointed out by WebRef readers. Some of the more prominent bugs include:

And for a full listing of changes made in this version, be sure to check the CHANGES.txt file included with the distribution package.

So much for the warm-up act; let's turn our attention to the main feature. What exactly is OpenID? And how can it used beneficially in your own login-based projects? Go to the next page to learn more about this authentication method that allows users to use a single identifier to sign on to multiple--and unrelated--Web sites...

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Created: July 8, 2008
Revised: July 8, 2008