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Practical mod_perl, from O'Reilly. | 10

Practical mod_perl

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Chapter 6:Coding with mod_perl in Mind

Written for Perl web developers and web administrators, Practical mod_perl is an extensive guide to the nuts and bolts of the powerful and popular combination of Apache and mod_perl. From writing and debugging scripts to keeping your server running without failures, the techniques in this book will help you squeeze every ounce of power out of your server. True to its title, this is the practical guide to mod_perl.

Excerpt Contents

  • Before You Start to Code
  • Exposing Apache::Registry Secrets
  • Namespace Issues
  • Perl Specifics in the mod_perl Environment
  • CHECK and INIT Blocks
  • Apache::Registry Specifics
  • Transition from mod_cgi Scripts to Apache Handlers
  • Loading and Reloading Modules
  • Handling the "User Pressed Stop Button" Case
  • Handling Server Timeout Cases and Working with $SIG{ALRM}
  • Generating Correct HTTP Headers
  • Method Handlers: The Browse and See, Browse and View Example
  • References

Created: March 27, 2003
Revised: July 23, 2003