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Perl & XML

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Authors: Erik T. Ray
Jason McIntosh
ISBN: 059600205X
Price: $34.95 US
Pages: 216
Pub: O'Reilly

Overview (From the Publisher):

As the Perl programming language was tailor-made for manipulating text, few people have disputed the fact that Perl and XML are perfectly suited for one another. The only question has been what's the best way to do it. That's where this book comes in.

Perl & XML is aimed at Perl programmers who need to work with XML documents and data. The book covers all the major modules for XML processing in Perl, including XML::Simple, XML::Parser, XML::LibXML, XML::XPath, XML::Writer, XML::Pyx, XML::Parser::PerlSAX, XML::SAX, XML::SimpleObject, XML::TreeBuilder, XML::Grove, XML::DOM, XML::RSS, XML::Generator::DBI, and SOAP::Lite. But this book is more than just a listing of modules; it gives a complete, comprehensive tour of the landscape of Perl and XML, making sense of the myriad of modules, terminology, and techniques.

This book covers:

Most valuably, the last two chapters of Perl & XML give complete examples of XML applications, pulling together all the tools at your disposal.

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