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PHP 5 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide | Page 3


Security Techniques

Script 4.1. This page both displays a registration form and processes it. The script validates the submitted data using various functions, and then reports any errors.

TIPS Using Captcha

Popular in many of today's forms is captcha, short for "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart" (now that's an acronym!). A captcha test displays an image with a word or some letters written in it, normally in a nonlinear fashion. In order to successfully complete the form, the text from the image has to be typed into a box. This is something a human user could do but a bot could not.

If you do want to add this feature to your own sites, using the PEAR Text_CAPTCHA package would be the easiest route. Otherwise, you could generate the images yourself using the GD library. The word on the image should be stored in a session so that it can be compared against what the user typed.

The main caveat with captcha tests is that they do restrict the visually impaired from completing that form. You should be aware of this, and provide alternatives. Personally, I think that bots can be effectively stopped by just adding another input to your form, with an easy-to-answer question (like "What is 2 + 2?"). Humans can submit the answer, whereas bots could not.