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The Web Professional's Handbook

The Web Professional's Handbook

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Alan Foley,
Adrian Rosselli, etc.

ISBN: 1904151221
$39.95 US
Pages:  450
Pub:  Glasshaus

Book Overview (Condensed, from the publisher)

This book is a must-have for every web professional. It's not tutorial, but packed with reference material on client-side development topics, including XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, usability, and accessibility. Rather than keeping half a dozen books on your desk or in your flight bag, or frantically googling to jog your memory, keep this one book in your laptop case and never be stuck again.

This book covers:

  • CSS property and selector reference
  • JavaScript syntax reference
  • Manipulating the browser with JavaScript
  • XML, Schemas, DTDs, XSLT, and XPath
  • XML DOM, HTML DOMs (IE, Netscape, W3C)
  • Graphics formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG
  • Embedding multimedia in pages
  • Sound and Video; MPEG and WebTV
  • Overview of usability, navigation and forms
  • Accessibility and WCAG guidelines
  • Web traffic analysis and privacy guidelines
  • HTML color codes
  • Escape sequences
  • MIME types

Can you remember everything you need for every occasion? Indeed, should you have to? With the help of this book, you'll not need to keep all the syntax and good design rules in your head. It provides a far-reaching reference for client-side technologies and design principles, aiming to answer questions you'll come up against every day. Readers are expected to know a bit about web design and development, and don't need to be led by the hand through the basic tasks. Instead, it's all about being a practical reference for your work.

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