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Search Engine Optimization with Google Sitemaps | 2

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Search Engine Optimization with Google Sitemaps

Additional Benefits of the Sitemaps Program

Google has even started notifying Sitemaps-participating webmasters if they are breaking any of Google's Webmaster Guidelines. This can be very valuable information if your site suddenly becomes de-listed on Google and you don't know why.

Only Sitemaps participants can get this information, and it's provided at Google's discretion. In fact, Google will NOT notify you if you are creating worthless Web sites that offer no original content, or if you are creating thousands of doorway pages that are redirecting to other Web sites. Google doesn't want to give the sp@ammers any clues as to how to improve their techniques.

How Do You Get Started with Google Site Maps?

The first thing you must do is obtain a Google Account. If you already have a Gmail, Adsense, or Adwords account, then you are all set. If not, you can register an account by visiting the Google Accounts page (

Building your sitemap file is pretty easy to do if you are familiar with XML, and if you aren't you can always use a third-party tool such as the ones that are listed on Google's website ( Google also has a "Sitemap Generator" that you can download and install on your server, but unless you are fairly adept at managing Python scripts, you should probably stick to the third-party tools.

At any rate, once you have your Google Account and your Sitemap file built, the rest is easy. All you have to do is:

    1. Log into your account (

    2. Type your Web site's URL into the "Add Site" box and click on "OK"

    3. Click on the Manage Sites link for the Web site you are adding, and add your sitemap file to your account.

Google Sitemaps ­ An Excellent SEO Tool

Google Sitemaps help Googlebot quickly find new content on your website. They allow you to tell Google what's important, what's new, and what changes often. The tools provided to webmasters through the program can play a vital role in helping you understand how the search engines (especially Google) view your Web site.

Using this information you can dramatically improve the position of your Web site and quickly clear up any issues Google finds. You can also use the tools provided by Google to gauge the effectiveness of your offsite optimization efforts so you can better focus your time and energy on activities that bring you the most success.

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Created: April 18, 2006
Revised: June 2, 2006