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A Basic Unix Tutorial
Fourteen section tutorial, each of which addresses a fundamental aspect of UNIX computing. Concentrates on illustrating central concepts by providing short explanations, examples, and exercises. Covers the "Introduction to UNIX" and "Intermediate UNIX" workshops offered by the Idaho State University Computer Center.
Coping with Unix: An Interactive Survival kit
An interactive tutorial designed for the novice Unix user. Provides step by step instructions on how to perform basic tasks. As the sections are completed, the user takes quizzes. You must have telnet access to a Unix account to complete the interactive portion of the tutorial.
Introduction to Unix
Taken from the Unix user's guide from the University of Cincinnati's CS department.
Unix System Administration Independent Learning
The USAIL project is both an independent online study course for prospective system administrators and a reference resource. It does not offer online certification. Quizzes at the end of each section.
Unix System Administration
Notes put together by Frank G. Fiamingo for a class he taught at Ohio State University. Helpful for others interested in sysadmin.
Unix Help for New Users
A multi-part tutorial on the Unix operating system, funded by ITTI. All original content.
Unix Primer
Windows users can learn all they need to know to get started with UNIX in about 20 minutes.


"Gnu's Not Unix", but the GNU Project and Free Software Foundation supply some of the most widely used free software packages for Unix platforms.
Linux/Open Source Channel
List of great sites dedicated to linux and linux-related programming from internet.com.
Techie Treks
A nice list of links to Linux and Unix resources.
Unix Guru Universe
Well organized and searchable meta-list of Unix-related information. Calls itself "The Official Home Page For Unix System Administrators."
UNIX Reference Desk
A large one-page collection of UNIX-related links, some searchable. From Jennifer Myers.
UnixWorld Online
On-line magazine for Unix users, programmers, and system administrators.

UNIX OS Flavors

Berkeley Software Design
The ultimate source for FreeBSD
Linux.org of course.
Santa Cruz Operation
Sun Microsystems

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