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The Voice of XML 6.21.2001
In an increasingly mobile world, the need to add voice recognition and response systems to your Web applications becomes crucial. Our resident XML expert Michael Classen introduces you to the lingo at the heart of this transformation: VoiceXML.
Weblog Support for Avantgo and VoiceXML 6.12.2001
Weblog is now capable of outputting RSS 0.9, RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, VoiceXML, Avantgo HTML, Palm Clipping HTML, WML for WAP phones, and HTML.
VoiceXML Adventure Game 3.8.2001
Part II of our VoiceXML tutorial is here. It's time to learn the details of making a voice-enabled adventure game with Perl and VoiceXML. You can even try the game out by calling Tellme.
VoiceXML: Tellme More 2.27.2001
In Part I of our quickstart VoiceXML tutorial, you'll learn how to sign up as a Tellme.com developer and write your first interactive voice application.

Offsite VXML Resources

VoiceXML Planet 7.1.2001
internet.com's one stop site for all things VoiceXML includes book excerpts, interviews, news, links, and resources.
BeVocal Café 6.21.2001
The BeVocal Café is a world-class, web-based development environment that provides all the tools and resources developers need to create their own innovative speech applications for the telephone.

Internet Product Watch's Development | Voice Section 5.30.2001
This section of internet.com's InternetProductWatch.com covers Voice access related products from a developer's perspective.
The GSL Used by Tellme, created by Nuance 6.12.2001
Nuance delivers speech recognition, voice authentication, and text-to-speech software, and created the GSL used by Tellme.com.
W3C's Draft of GSL Standard 6.12.2001
This document defines syntax for representating grammars for use in speech recognition so that developers can specify the words and patterns of words to be listened for by a speech recognizer.
VoiceXML Forum Users Group Meeting Presentations 6.04.2001
Over 220 VoiceXML enthusiasts gathered for the first annual VoiceXML Forum Users Group Meeting on 5 April 2001 in San Jose, Calif. These are the presentations that were presented.
Tellme Studio 5.23.2001
Tellme Studio is a suite of Web-based VoiceXML development tools and community resources that enable you to build, test, and publish your own Internet-powered, voice-enabled applications on the Tellme Network.
The VoiceXML 1.0 DTD 7.18.2000
The VoiceXML 1.0 DTD was updated and published on July 18th, 2000 and can be found on the VoiceXML Forum web site.
The VoiceXML Review 5.23.2001
This montly ezine published by the VoiceXML Forum features articles, reviews, letters and more.

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