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XSLT Cookbook, from O'Reilly. Chapter 8 XML to HTML | 2

XSLT Cookbook

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Chapter 8: XML to HTML

The XSLT Cookbook provides an ideal companion both for developers still figuring out XSLT's template-based approach who want to learn by example, and for developers who know XSLT and want a collection of quickly reusable recipes. XSLT frequently offers a number of ways to perform a transformation, and the best solution may not always be the most straightforward. The recipes in this Cookbook demonstrate and explain XSLT's template-based logic, a frequent stumbling block for developers new to XSLT. Among the variety of XSLT books now available, none has the explicit solution-oriented approach of this Cookbook.

Excerpt Contents

  • Introduction
  • Using XSLT as a Styling Language
  • Creating Hyperlinked Documents
  • Creating HTML Tables
  • Creating Frames
  • Creating Data-Driven Stylesheets
  • Creating a Self-Contained HTML Transformation
  • Populating a Form

Created: March 27, 2003
Revised: May 5, 2003

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