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Promotion / Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs bring together merchants and Webmasters in order to reach customers online. Ideally, it's a win-win situation: Merchants get more traffic and sales to their sites, and Webmasters can offer products and services directly to their audience (as well as generating an income stream for themselves).

Affiliate Programs (*)
With one of the fastest growing affiliate directories on the Web, Refer-it has close to 2,000 quality referral and affiliate programs listed and rated in over 70 categories. Also offers stats, newsletters, discussion forums, merchant news and more. Refer-it is an site.
Affiliate Solutions(*)
Held four times a year throughout the country, Affiliate Solutions is the leading seminar on Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Solutions is presented by and hosted by
123 Affiliation Avenue
Directory of French-language affiliate sites and programs.
Affiliate Program Webring
Collection of sites about, offering, reviewing, and linking to affiliate programs across the Web.
Be Free
Be Free helps its customers, leading e-merchants, portals and information sites, build and manage their own branded online sales channels.
Affiliate and referral program links, reviews and more.
Commission Junction
Bringing together retailers and affiliates, providing marketing information and referral links.
LinkShare enables web businesses to find the right partners, create the right compensation models, track the success of the partnerships, and adapt the programs to maximize results.
Nexchange Corporation developed the technology to distribute products online to thousands of virtual stores on content-oriented Websites.

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