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What's New?

Net Happenings
The web version of the USENET newsgroup A service of the InterNIC by the list moderator, Gleason Sackman.
Netscape's What's New
Netscape/Yahoo's What's New page only includes sites that use or advance Net technology in new and innovative ways. Being selected for this page is a sure way to increase hits as Netscape's main page is the most visited page on the Web.
The Scout Report (*)
A weekly publication from Internic of new high quality Internet resources and network tools. Aimed primarily at educators and researchers the Scout Report is also a valuable resource for anyone interested in finding the best new sites quickly.
From the publishers of Internet magazine in London, England this new site announcement service has a feature-packed search engine.
What's New Too! (*)
A new site announcement service that allows you to customize the type of sites you see, the verbosity level, and number of days to view.

Announcement Services

Similar to Submit-It!, AddMe includes many directories missed by the free version of Submit-It! and submits to more sites. Free.
Search the Web using various engines all from one simple form. Includes useful links and an online manual about promoting your Web site.
Automatically submit your site to hundreds of search engines.
The Central Registry
Submits your Web site to over 400 Internet indexes and directories. Can also send your promotional information to as many as 2,000 print media and 700 TV news rooms weekly for six consecutive months.
NetCreations, Inc. (*)
A new way of direct marketing. Targeted e-mail and URL announcement services to select lists of interested webmasters. Creators of The PostMaster, PostDirect, PinPoint search engine, and AdMagic.
The original web promotion service, NetPOST offers personalized web site promotion in a variety on packages. By Eric Ward.
Registers your site with over 350 search directories, as well as register with 16 for free.
Automatically registers your URL at the top 100 indexes; helps you apply for hundreds of awards. Use it for FREE, then pay what YOU think it's worth.
Submit It! (*)
Use Submit It! to register your URL with hundreds of search engines and directories.
The first free Web site promotion service. Features sophisticated wizards which optimize your site and boost its search engine rankings. SubmitNow! also submits your site to hundreds of search engines and directories.
Submit your site to 200+ search engines for free from here.
Will hand submit your URL to the top 10 search engines and submits your URL (Web Site) to over 500 additional Search Engines.
Web SiteSeer
Registers your site with the top 10 search engines.
A client-server application that automates the site posting process. Also includes the original Web Post 1.0, a free announcement service similar to Submit It!
Web Promote
Professional web site promotion service

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Revised: June 10, 1999