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Banner Ad Management Software

These software programs run on your server and display and rotate advertisements on Web pages. They can also track and target ads and users based on various criteria.

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Ad Software Shoot Out
Charlie Morris corrals all the ad software guns in town, and when their pistols stop a-blazin' and the smoke settles he'll show ya' the best one for your spread.

Ad Management Software

Ad Juggler
Advanced ad management software, multiple versions and price levels, for many different hardware and OS platforms.
Ad Server Solutions
Ad serving software with ad targetting and real time reporting. offers a central ad server solution to provide online banner serving, management, rotation and tracking services.
Central Ad
Support for serving HTML, text, form-enabled and other types of ads to multiple advertiser campaigns. Web-based management interface, with multiple security features.
DoubleClick AdServer
Sophisticated mission-critical ad management system. Multiple languages and server platforms supported. Used by the some of the busiest sites on the Web.
Practically free, advertising management system that is remotely hosted. Orbit Cycle reserves 10% of the banner space on your site for their ads leaving 90% of the space for your ads. - Makers of Adelage Ad Server
Adelage Ad Server is a comprehensive ad server, with built-in reporting, invoicing, keyword-based ad-targeting, impression-pacing, unsold inventory tracking, and multilingual ad support.
Shareware ad rotation management system, written in Perl. Banners can be displayed on your pages either through SSI calls, so that each time a page is loaded, a new banner will appear, via standard IMG tags, or IFRAME tags.

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Revised: November 27, 2001