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Getting Back to Basics
Erich Hugo lays out some strong opinions - that e-businesses shouldn't waste their money taking on the world with banner ads, but should instead focus on the basics.
Newbies - Don't Let Anyone Kick Sand in Your Face!
Byron Hunte provides information about promotion for those just starting out in the e-business world that he wishes someone had told him long ago.

Marketing Information

With statistics, news and a discussion forum.
Internet Advertising Report
A daily summary of news, views, and reviews of the Internet ad industry.
Cyber Atlas
Marketing, demographic, and advertising trends from
Internet Business Articles
These articles were written to assist pioneers to this new frontier of opportunity, the internet.
Internet Marketing and Advertising Association
Formed to help businesses succeed on the Net and facilitate the exchange of high quality marketing and advertising information.
Free professional advice on search engine use, site optimization, META tag creation and numerous other useful Internet marketing tips.
Web Marketing Info Center
If you want to keep up on web marketing, especially the latest articles on the subject, check out WilsonWeb by Dr. Ralph Wilson.
The intelligent internet marketing resource.
Websales Business Center
A library of select articles and tutorials on improving, promoting and better profiting from your Web site.
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Market Research

Forrester Research
One of the premier market/advertising research firms on the Internet.
Jupiter Communications
A great source for research and analysis on the consumer online industry, focusing on Content, Advertising, Commerce and Technology. Has good newsletters on marketing and advertising including WebTrack.

Banner Placement

Ad Click-through Breakthrough
Graduate students at the University of Michigan School of Business Administration, in cooperation with Athenia Associates, published this study that raises important issues about banner ad placement. Moving ads increased click-through rates from 77 to 228%.
Banner Ads Placement
An article about effective banner ad placement strategies from Maniactive.
Four Corners Effective Banners
This site is dedicated to the study of all things banner-like, including: banners, click-through ratios, banner advertising, banner link exchanging, etc. You'll learn how to improve your banners and increase your site traffic.

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