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Roadmap96: MAP12 - Telnet (Part Two)


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"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
-- Anon

I am about to point you to one of the greatest Internet resources I have ever found: Scott Yanoff's Internet Services List. Yanoff's List is a free, exhaustive, subject-oriented list of thousands of incredible Internet sites, tools, and addresses.

With that said, today's homework assignment is to get a copy of Yanoff's List, find some neat telnet sites on the List, visit a couple of those sites, and PLAY! :)

There are a couple of ways that you can retrieve a copy of Yanoff's List for free:

  1. The easiest way to get the latest List is to send an e-mail letter to

    If you send an e-mail letter to this address, the address will auto-reply with the latest List (it does not matter what you put in either the subject line or the body of your letter).

  2. Use your Usenet newsreader to look at the Usenet newsgroup

There are three other ways that you can access Yanoff's List, but we'll talk about those later on in the workshop.

Yanoff's List may look kind of intimidating at first, but you will soon discover that it is pretty easy to figure out. Here is a sample entry from the List:

  -Agricultural Info.,  telnet/gopher
   Family Issues,       or telnet
   Food & Nutrition      PENpages (Login: Enter your two-letter
                         state abbrev.)
                        or telnet
                         CSU Fresno ATI-NET         (Login: super)
                        or telnet
                         CUFAN (Clemson U Forestry & Ag. Net.)
                         (Login: PUBLIC)

Let's take a closer look at this:

                        or telnet
                         CSU Fresno ATI-NET         (Login: super)

This entry gives you the site's address ( (or, the name of the site (CSU Fresno ATI-NET), and the word that you need to type in to login to the site (super).

I told you that this is easy to figure out. :)

By the way, Yanoff's List also includes entries for other, non-telnet sites like GOPHER, FINGER, and HTTP. We'll talk about the Internet tools that you will need to access these sites later in the workshop.

Finally, since this is going to be your first real experience surfing the Net, there are a few pointers that I want to give you:

Have fun exploring TELNET, and have a safe and happy weekend.

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Originally written by Patrick Douglas Crispen