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Roadmap96: MAP17B - FTP Addresses


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"Men don't stop to ask for directions on the Information Superhighway either!"
-- anon

Back in MAP12 I told you that you could retrieve Yanoff's List by either

  1. Sending an e-mail letter to INETLIST@AUG3.AUGSBURG.EDU, or
  2. Using your Usenet newsreader to look at the Usenet newsgroup

Well, you can also get Yanoff's list through FTP (imagine that -- using FTP to get a list of sites that you can FTP to!). The anonymous FTP site for Yanoff's List is

and the file that you want to download is


Notice that the file is in the "pub" directory. "pub" directories are public directories and you are going to find most of the files that you are looking for in almost any FTP site in the "pub" directory or the "pub" directory's many subdirectories. Also notice that, in the above address, the file's name has TWO periods in it ... some of you may have to use the

get inetsvcs.txt

command to be able to get the file. This is just the

get <filename> <name I want it saved as>

command that we talked about back in MAP14. :)

The FTP entries on Yanoff's List are pretty easy to figure out. For example,

   -Agriculture Lists   ftp (get file 

tells you that you are going to use FTP to access "" (don't let that second "ftp" throw you; it is just part of this particular FTP site's address), and the file that we want to get is


There is one trick that you need to remember, however: everything after the last "/" is the file name. DO NOT USE THE FILE NAME IN YOUR "CD" OR "CHDIR" COMMANDS! For example, if the file's address is


your "cd" command should be

     cd /pub/mirror/

and your "get" command should then be

     get agricultural.list

Some other hints:

If you have not already downloaded a copy of Yanoff's List, I strongly recommend that you download one now. If you do have a copy, browse through the list, find some neat FTP sites, and play ...

... and watch out for squirrels. :)

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Originally written by Patrick Douglas Crispen