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Free / Open Source Scripts

Free or Open Source Scripts

Here you'll find free or open source scripts we've developed here at Webref. Use them at will, and we always appreciate notes letting us know how you've made use of them.

Alllows you to add a JavaScript to your pages that will automatically insert links to key terms. Available in static JavaScript and dynamic (with a Perl backend) flavors.
Provides a top-like Web interface to the *nix ps utility.
Simple Comments
A basic, Perl-based comment system for static Web pages on Apache Web servers.
Multi-Feed RSS Sidebar Tabs
Allows you to generate an HTML page from multiple RSS files suitable for display in the Netscape 6/Mozilla sidebar.
PullRSS (RSS to HTML) - Template-based RSS to HTML converter, with optional redirects.
RSS Weblog - Web-based form/script that edits RSS file, HTML include, WAP, PALM and VoiceXML feeds, useful for updating front pages. We use this to update our front page, and it now outputs wireless feeds.
Universal Related Popup Menus
These related select menus, enhanced with JavaScript, feature unlimited submenus and multiple menus per page. By Andy King.

Created: Sept. 20, 1999
Revised: November 21, 2008