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By Pegasus Imaging Corporation

Welcome! The JPEG Wizard demonstrates Pegasus' ability to shrink and/or edit your JPEG images. For more than a few JPEG optimizations grab PICPress! About JPEG Wizard.

E-mail Address:

Please select a JPEG image on your computer:

Please specify the compression parameters:

Optimization Level Compression Luminance Chrominance
Light Optimization Settings:  (0-255)  (0-255)
Medium Optimization Settings:  (0-255)  (0-255)
Heavy Optimization Settings:  (0-255)  (0-255)

Please provide the following options for all three output images:

JPEG type desired: Baseline Progressive
Rotation: (Lossless)
Comment in Image: (Lossless)

(This may take a little time based on your connection and JPEG size)

Comments are welcome

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