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WebReference.com/internet.com RSS News Feeds

WebReference.com/internet.com RSS Newsfeeds

Now you can display news from WebReference.com and internet.com on your site using RSS (Rich Site Summary) files. internet.com offers numerous news feeds including finance, business, web development, international, linux, and software. Each feed is changed daily, and Doc JavaScript's Tips are updated 365 days a year. To learn more about RSS, see our Introduction to RSS and Evolution of RSS. For RSS portals and aggregators, we provide an OCS (Open Content Syndication) file that lists all of our news feeds. See also Jonathan's RSS Channel Editor, our free weblog script, and our free Newsletters. We've also got Open Source Scripts that you can use to display any RSS feed on your site, and the new Multi-Feed RSS Sidebar Tab script that you can use to create HTML pages suitable for display in the Netscape/Mozilla sidebar. Also available are our wireless feeds, including our VoiceXML feed with Tellme.com and your phone.

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About RSS

RSS is a defacto XML standard invented by Netscape for news distribution, now adopted by thousands of sites. RSS is an open format that uses a simple set of XML tags to define a news "channel" that allows any site to provide basic meta-information about your new content (headline, link, description). Others can fetch your RSS file and display your news stories, driving traffic your way. Need to know more about using RSS and XML files on your site? Check out Jonathan Eisenzopf's Using RSS News Feeds tutorial, and his rss2html.pl script, as well as Michael Classen's RSS Viewer Applet. Also see our RSS resources page.

Example RSS Installation

To localize JavaScript Tip of the Day for an include, etc. you can use Jonathan's rss2html.pl script to grab an rss feed, and convert it to HTML on your server.

Here's the cron job to do this (created at 5 after midnight so grab once a day at 10 after midnight each night say):

# docjs - 7-daily tipoday rss-html script - 000329 - abk
10 0 * * * /www/yourdir/cgi-bin/rss2html.pl
http://www.webreference.com/js/tips/channels/today15.rss > docjs.txt

To install rss2html.pl on your server you need XML::RSS etc. to run it, see the script for details.

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