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Browser Sniffer Links

Here's where you'll find more sniffers and background info. (Note: our use of the term "sniffer" here should in no way be confused with products from Sniffer Technologies, Inc.)

Client-Side Browser Sniffers

Extensive browser capability tests, in various categories
Rick Scott's tutorial/code from ZDNet
JavaScript Browser Sniffer
Sniffs out client-side capabilities and includes object and method detection. From
The Ultimate JavaScript Client Sniffer
Mozilla's Ultimate Client Sniffer

Server-Side Browser Sniffers

PHP-based sniffer that includes a DOM check. From The Horde Project.
Server-based sniffing with JavaScript capabilities, can auto-update browser database file. ActiveX/JavaBean based.
Rules-based web server extension for browser detection and access control. For Microsoft IIS/NT and Apache servers.

Further Reading

Browser Compatibility
From Doc JavaScript
Browser Variables
Used in
Cross-Browser Style Objects
Shows how to use xbStyle to extend version 4 browsers to support document.getElementById() and the style object. By Bill Pena, co-author of "Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition."

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Created: July 15, 1999
Revised: Jan. 31, 2002